End The Drug War and Drug Prohibition

If elected, I will work diligently to pass legislation to immediately end the War on Drugs, the drug scheduling programs, and pardon non-violent drug offenders

Police Brutality

If elected, I will co-sponsor Congressman Amash’s bill to end Qualified Immunity for law enforcement.  Many politicians, local, state, and federal have used the cry “Black Lives Matter!” and very few have called for actual policy change to address the issue. This needs to change.

Foreign Intervention

Far too many people are harmed by the US government’s foreign intervention. The wars our government is involved in become more and more complicated by the day and less and less winnable at the same time.  Our government creates terrorism faster than it combats terrorism. It is time to bring the troops home.


I’ve never used 23 And Me or Ancestry dot com to figure out where I came from. Where you end up and what you do with your life matters more to me than where you came from.  At one point, the default when attempting to come into this country was that you were just let in.  Only people with great cause to keep out were actually kept out.  All folks “yearning to breathe free” should have equal opportunity to enter this country.  If elected, I will work to enact legislation simplifying the immigration  laws in this country and providing all upstanding folks a path for permanent residence.

Health and Agriculture

I feel very strongly that many Americans today have worse health than they should because of agricultural practices encouraged by the federal government and because of dietary recommendations coming from the USDA.  If elected, I would actively encourage the public to step outside of the Standard American Diet, and if possible work to pass legislation taking away the USDA’s power to make dietary recommendations.